Vitamix provides powerful professional and consumer blenders that can help any type of chef create the perfect meal. The capabilities and mechanic power of these blenders inspire consumers with a sense that they can create anything as they blenders can do almost anything.

The goal was to take a feature that differentiates Vitamix as a powerful piece of machinery and present that fact in a visually contrasting way that would engage the target consumer.

Each ad was hand drawn and then formatted digitally.

Copy: "Now you can have the strength of hardened, stainless steel blades with Hammermill surfaces and speeds up to 240 mph all in the tiny, portable body of a Vitamix. Bring some muscle into the kitchen."

Copy: "Now you can have the soul of a high speed, horse powered 37,000 rpm piece of machine in the tiny, portable body of a Vitamix. Bring some muscle into the kitchen."

Copy: "Now you can have the force of a two peaked, horse powered motor base with sound damping technology and increased torque in the tiny, portable body of a Vitamix. Bring some muscle into the kitchen."


Each section is color coded for easy referral. Opening up the menu allows a user to access further features. The Meal Planner allows users to input ingredients and will suggest meals they can make based off the information provided. Furthermore, the Meal Planner also acts as a calendar and will remind you to buy necessary groceries, timing constraints, and a to-do list.

The Calculator allows users to input certain ingredients to calculate the calories and search for alternatives available in grocery stores around them.



In addition to the print campaign will be the Vitamix Cookbook App. The app allows chefs of varying experience (from your professional to your novice culinary artist) to connect with one another, share recipes, explore ways to utilize their Vitamix blender, plan meals, and calculate nutritional value.

Below shows the main page users will find once registering or logging in. Collections allow users to curate different recipes from other chefs in the community. Recipes allows users to view their own collections they've uploaded. Explore takes users to view different recipes submitted by the community or created by Vitamix. The Feed features updates from chefs the user follows as well as new updates and culinary tips from Vitamix. Additionally, Vitamix will have special guest chefs whose recipes and Vitamix tips can only be found via the mobile app.

Users can also follow one another, contact each other, and view other connected social media that the user has made available.