Tazo Tea is the reincarnation of tea. Amidst the hectic crazy of always on technology, notifications, and social media, Tazo Tea stands as a little getaway that refreshes and resurrects people from their busy lives. In big cities across the nation, Tazo Tea will provide hanging tea bag sanctuaries--each uniquely fitted to a person's zodiac sign and horoscope. As a brand that derives its refreshment from the ancient and mystic practice of tea, creating custom sanctuaries for the different signs is a perfect tie in for Tazo Tea.

Each hanging tea bag is branded, scented, noise reducing, and offers a tea sample and fortune that corresponds to that specific hanging chair and zodiac sign. And to help communicate the location of each Tazo Tea bag, posters, billboards, and print ads will show a list of zodiac signs with the corresponding location. A partnership with Time Out will provide consumers with other events to help them step away from their busy lifestyles. And finally, a Tazo Fortune app will bring everything together: allowing people to check their Tazo fortunes and horoscopes, find Tazo Tea bags, information on how to brew tea and what pairs well with each flavor (music, weather, reading material, and an activity), and find events that help resurrect each zodiac sign accordingly.


Ambient: hanging tazo tea bags

Each chair can hang from any stable support. The exterior of the hanging tea bag chairs are branded with the Tazo Tea logo and an accompanying label that invites people to sit and hang for a while.

Each Tazo Tea bag chair is scented and noise blocking, allowing those sitting to take a break from the outside world. Inside each hanging chair are little Tazo Fortunes which correspond to a person’s zodiac sign.

Each fortune provides a sample of Tazo Tea inspired by the sign, and an inspirational reminder to take a breather every now and then.


posters, billboards, & Print

These print ads direct consumers to find their zodiac sign and the accompanying address. At the address will be a Tazo Tea bag chair where individuals can take a break and find a matching fortune. Copy: Find your Resurrection by locating meditative Tazo Tea hanging chairs based on your sign. Tazo Tea provides personal flavors that pair perfectly with specific atmospheres. Find your perfect escape pairing by going to zodiac-specific locations listed above where a hanging chair and Tazo Fortune await.


Digital & Print: TimeOut

Tazo Tea will partner with TimeOut to provide users with relevant events that relate to their specific zodiac sign. Furthermore, the Tazo Tea zodiac will be available in the TimeOut magazine as well as online in a digital space.



In addition to partnering with TimeOut, there will be a Tazo Fortune mobile app that allows users to access their fortunes, find locations to hanging tea bags, learn more about the tea, and information on activities and events that would interest their zodiac sign.

Users will be prompted to enter their information and birthday or use their Facebook account in order to populate the app with relevant data based on the user's zodiac sign.

The header holds the menu which allows users to log out, change their preferences and information, and save articles or events that are interesting to them for future reference. The header also displays the current date, location, weather, and the user's zodiac sign. As users scroll through the top section it will display their Tazo Fortune, the location of their zodiac-specific hanging chair, and then a map with relevant locations the user might be interested in visiting.

Below the header are categories of interest to the user. The Tazo Tea section will show the user's tea pairing according to the weather and their sign. Information on the tea and how to brew it will be provided as well as further recommendations for other flavors they may be interested in. Users can also purchase their tea sample easily by clicking on the cart button.

The subsequent categories will be populated with information from TimeOut. The app will suggest an event and why it fits in accordance with the user's zodiac sign, suggest different types of drinks that pair with the event/activity (for example, a hibiscus infused lemonade for kayaking on the Hudson), and then redirect the user to TimeOut for more information if they're interested.