SNIckers hUnger road trip

Role: art director     cilent: SNICKERS



SNICKERS launched 'Hunger Bars' in 2015, putting the "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign idea right into consumers' hands. With hunger symptoms on each pack, fans could use the bars to call each other out for bad behavior, with SNICKERS as the solution.

In the summer of 2017, Hunger Bars came back with new symptoms and old favorites. We knew that Snickers sales are typically lower than average in summer, so we had to create even more of a splash to drive awareness and buzz around the new Hunger Bars, especially among the Millennial and Gen Z audience. 

Seeing as summer is a time for road trips, we saw a natural fit with SNICKERS as people were already calling each other out for out of sorts and "hungry" behavior, like falling asleep in the passenger's seat when they should be controlling the music! We decided to create a modern take on the beloved Oregon Trail, but instead of dying of dysentery you had to outsmart bandits, befriend mermaids, and prevent hunger-induced drama by offering up the correct Hunger Bar all while making your way to a music festival. 

The game was a choose-your-own-adventure chatbot that lived on Kik where 70% of users are in our target and also allowed people to interact with the chatbot from anywhere, including on road trips. Knowing that consumers would be stopping at convenience stores (SNICKERS' largest retail channel) on their road trip, SNICKERS would be top of mind, making consumers more likely to purchase a Hunger Bar.