SNIckers halloween

Role: associate art director     client: SNICKERS     Awards: OMMA



Halloween is a key moment when it comes to candy. To keep SNICKERS top of mind through this cluttered time we created a series of videos utilizing the top-down-recipe trend to remind people to #EatASNICKERS before, during, and even after Halloween. To get into the spirit of Halloween, we created a fun "You're Not You When You're Hungry" recipe spoof. We also created actual recipe videos to help people find ways to consume all their SNICKERS in other ways besides "immediately and all at once." 

I concepted, storyboarded, art directed, set designed, and regular directed all the below videos. 

Mummmy cake

Even hungry monster chefs aren't themselves when they're hungry! To bring SNICKERS' YNYWYH campaign into Halloween, we took the top-down recipe video and twisted it to fit the voice of SNICKERS.

Halloween Phyllo bites

We also wanted to create actual recipe videos that people could follow so they could make the most out of all their SNICKERS Halloween candy. This was aimed at making spooky treats before the night of Halloween.

Ooey Gooey Bars

We created one other recipe video that people could follow in case a baking witch was a little too spooky to watch. This recipe was aimed at using leftover SNICKERS that weren't immediately consumed the night of Halloween.

Case Study

We enjoy Halloween so much we decided to make our case study spooky as well. This video series got submitted for and won an OMMA.