Blue Diamond Almonds:
Lane to Greatness

Role: associate art director     client: blue diamond almonds



Blue Diamond Almonds was an official sponsor of USA Swimming in the 2016 Olympics. As a co-op with a long history of cultivating quality almonds, Blue Diamond Almonds understands the effort and time it takes to create greatness. Greatness isn’t born, it is grown. This is true of both Olympians and Blue Diamond Almonds. A swimmer’s lane, much like an almond lane is carefully crafted over time, in order for it to someday become great. The Lane to Greatness became Blue Diamond Almonds' Olympic campaign.

 The Lane to Greatness included a microsite, print ads, an experiential buildout at Aquazone, OLV, and a VR experience people could enjoy with a headset or through YouTube 360. We worked with four time gold medalist Matt Grevers and gave viewers a first person perspective on Matt's journey to greatness from first float to joining Team USA. To culminate reaching the top, we also created a first of its kind underwater 360 video using custom built rigs that captured the exhilaration of racing a 100M Butterfly through his eyes.