Assassin's creed



Assassin's Creed is a video game franchise whose plot revolves around players reliving the memories of assassins in different places and periods of time across the world.

Originally, players entered the memories of a single character to live out his ancestor's history. As the franchise has grown, there has been further differentiation and more "collective memories" to play through.

Within the fanbase, players have often customized and created their own versions of assassins through cosplay, art, and writing. The "Under the Creed" campaign and app helps create a tangible world and experience for fans by allowing them to marry their personalizations to official Ubisoft branded events, gain real benefits and rewards for their loyalty and participation, and take on the mantle of assassin or crusader in the real world.

The “Under the Creed” mobile app is a key gateway that allows players to enter this world and is further explained below.





Players create their characters in the app, and then go to the “Animus” to register their account and avatar for the live event.



Players can interact with others by using the app to assassinate targets, play games and puzzles, and perform other tasks.



Players can register or login with their Initiates account so that their data can be synced and accessed at a later time.



Players can access and sync data such as how much treasure they found or how many targets they assassinated.





Upon attending an “Under the Creed” event, players will be able to create a custom character in the app. This character represents their chosen “ancestor.” Players can pick from different affiliations, backgrounds, and classes. They can then use this custom character as a multiplayer option as well as their avatar/persona for their Initiates profile.



The sync icon is a menu where you can access your Initiates profile, activities list, and status options. The notoriety indicator at the top (next to the sync icon and represented by white diamonds), shows how “famous” a player is. The more tasks a player completes, the higher their notoriety score, and the more likely they are to be targeted.




The player’s main weapon allows them to see nearby activities and the current leaderboard based off of their phone’s GPS. Abilities are found beneath the main weapon and can be used at any point and time if a player is being engaged as a target or partaking in an assassination activity.



  • FREE-FOR-ALL: you will receive assassination targets while being targeted yourself
  • CO-OP: pairs defend one another and work together to assassinate another duo
  • STEAL THE ARTIFACT: group session of “tag” where one player holds an artifact until they get assassinated; every five minutes a player survives gives them additional experience points
  • FLAG CAPTURE: two teams attempt to steal one den’s flag and take it back to the home den



When a player receives a target, the sync indicator will glow red. As they get closer to their target, each diamond will turn white. Once a player is within range of assassinating their target, they can select their weapon to engage in a challenge with their target.

When a player is targeted, their phone will notify them by flashing a message on their main screen. A player can select their weapon and defend themselves by initiating a challenge or choose to escape/run.



AMBIENT: Driving People to the App

Wanted posters will generate buzz and curiosity by being placed around key locations in major cities and gaming magazines. These posters will direct people to find a “contract” letter located nearby or to download the app for more info.

Inside each envelope will be a dossier that will guide people to find a person dressed as the “target.” If found, the person will receive points associated with their Initiates account.

Users can also participate by just downloading the "Under the Creed" app or interacting with official Assassin's Creed social media channels to gain clues.



These ads redirect users to find out more about the “Under the Creed” app which allows new and current fans to discover their assassin or crusader lineage and partake in the world of Assassin’s Creed.