About me


I'm eli ching

Avid eater, gamer, dog petter, newfound Fast and Furious convert, and art director based in Los Angeles (surprise). I'm a perspective wanderer. I have a drive to learn about what inspires people and a constant curiosity which helps evolve and humanize my creative. 

And that's how a sunshine softie wound up in the frozen tundra known as Syracuse, where I learned the art of layering and what makes a good existential meme (being isolated by 6ft of snow really hones that skill).

I currently work at RPA and have experience in broadcast, outdoor, digital, social, experiential, web design, illustration, storyboarding, food styling, video/animation, print, and finding ridiculous stock.

Creating is my jam, whether it’s brand solutions or making my fiftieth custom Shepard in Mass Effect. I enjoy dry humor, video games, dry humor in video games, spending upwards of four hours in art museums, attempting to program, lip balm, dim sum, travel, really really campy films, and finding the intersection between people's passions and brands in order to tell better stories.


Things I've Done

Resume available upon request, email me at hello@eliesque.com



Art Director | RPA

Sep 2018 - Present | Los Angeles, CA
Clients: Farmers Insurance, ARCO

Art Director | The Marketing Arm

Dec 2015 - Sep 2018 | Los Angeles, CA
Clients: SNICKERS, LifeTime, Twix, GameStop, Blue Diamond Almonds, Almond Breeze, Sally Beauty Supply, ExxonMobil


Art Direction Intern | UPROAR! at DDB

June - Sep 2015 | New York, NY
Clients: Nerf, Topps, and Challenger


GRAPHIC designer | shoregroup

May 2013 - Sep 2015 | Syracuse, NY
Designed internal materials for company use.


Things I D0




Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Lightroom, Flash Catalyst, Illustration & Animation, Web Design



Photography, HTML/CSS, jQuery, Magento, WordPress, Tumblr, SQL, Keynote, PowerPoint



Client Interfacing, 99 Problems but a Pitch Ain't One/Presenting, Working with Integrated Teams Big and Small, Slack All Star, Shot Enforcer



Eating, Petting Pets, Appreciating the Campy Things in Life, Laughing at My Own Jokes