client: pizza hut



The AAF NSAC is the American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition. Each year, students compete based off a client's brief to create an integrated advertising campaign and plans book. Syracuse University only allows select applicants to join the team, and I was chosen as an art director, digital strategist, and presenter. You can download our book below for more details on our challenge, campaign, and strategy! But briefly...

Our Challenge: 

We were tasked with increasing digital orders by 32% over a 6-month period. Additionally, we were challenged with providing the greatest digital ordering experience in the industry, as well as positioning Pizza Hut as the top choice for customers who order pizza digitally.

Our Solution:

Pizza Hut is the celebration business. By serving the most shareable food and offering it in more stores and more locations than any other brand, Pizza Hut has created endless opportunities to come together, share a meal, and celebrate. When you boil it down, Pizza Hut doesn’t exist to make pizza. Simply put: they exist to make life’s experiences shareable.
So we created a new digital experience to immerse our consumers (the Pizza Hut Ordering System). And to accompany this immersive digital tool we looked at the core of Pizza Hut peeps: they are dominated by the idea of micro-conquering (or what we call 'Acheesements'). So we built a campaign based on these little victories and rewarding these Acheesements with Pizza Hut.

As an art director I created the overall art direction guidelines for the campaign and digital assets, concepted and designed the final logo for our campaign, art directed and created the digital assets/mobile app mockups, illustrated and designed book assets such as the micro-conquerors and the storyboards, created additional mockups (such as the Xbox Kinect execution and the Hall of Acheesements microsite), helped with book edits, and pulled lots of all nighters and pulled out lots of hair.

As a presenter I tried my hand at being charming and making sure we were all dressed in the right color scheme.


LOGO: Acheesements

We needed a logo to fit our campaign idea of "Acheesements." Acheesements revolve around the idea of success, personal victories, and small meaningful moments. The logo was meant to reflect this idea of victory and act as a stamp/seal of approval for everyone's Acheesement.

Initially tasked to other people, the logo went through several revisions and iterations until arriving at the final design. Below show the first two concepts developed by other art directors on the team. The third iteration is where I began taking elements of the first two logos to create more "venerated" imagery. After rounds of sketching out different ideas, we moved forward with a shielded crest I had drawn which is also shown below.

MOBIle: Pizza Hut Ordering System

The Pizza Hut Ordering System (PHOS) was our new immersive digital experience that would create a frictionless journey for consumers to engage with the brand and order up some 'za. I helped research and develop new features for the ordering app that would allow people to avoid pain points when ordering from Pizza Hut digitally (e.g. utilizing APIs for registration, flavor recommendations, social ordering). I then designed the UI for the mobile app based off data we had collected from fNIRS imaging (functional near-infrared spectroscopy or more simply: brain scans), responses drawn from focus groups, and the overall aesthetic of the redesigned "Flavor of Now Menu."

The PHOS was intended to complement the existing redesign Pizza Hut had gone through. It features minimal and stark aesthetics (look at that chalkboard) that allow for the main features of the brand, product, and app to stand out in bold contrast.

Illustration: Micro-Conquerors & Storyboards

I illustrated and colored the micro-conquerors for our book. Each character represents a different psychographic beneath the encompassing target market of micro-conquerors. (I'm a Taste Wanderer myself.) Furthermore, I helped concept our commercials and illustrated each storyboard you find within the plans book.


Finally, as an art director I also performed the fundamental task of creating mockups. Our strategy and media calls for a branded destination experience with Xbox utilizing the Kinect? You got it. We need a microsite that is a 360° virtual tour of a Hall of Acheesements? Done, shadows beneath the framing and all.